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Sports betting is a favorite form of entertainment for all gamblers. After all, what could be better - rooting for your favorite team and winning money simultaneously?

People are addicted to sports betting all over the world. There are different types and formats of this kind of entertainment and earnings. Sports betting is absolutely legal if you do it at a licensed establishment. So all users need to know that Betbarter sportsbook has all the permits.

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Sports You Can Bet on Betbarter

The variety of sports is amazing! It has long been possible to bet not only on such popular sports as cricket or football but there are many more!

Rising and promising platfrom Bet barter offers a wide range of sports to bet on:

cricket football tennis snooker badminton
table tennis basketball ice hockey volleyball American football
baseball boxing handball darts futsal

For your convenience, the lists of championships and events in each sport are divided by country so that you can easily find what interests you. By the way, you can simultaneously place bets and watch the event's broadcast, which is one of the most significant advantages of the live format.

The list of events is enormous! You can root for your favorite team in the world championship or watch a niche competition that only real gourmets are passionate about.

Cricket Betting

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. Professional cricket players earn billions of dollars! There are thousands of cricket competitions around the world - and on most of them, you can place bets on the Betbarter exchange platform and replenish your cash balance accordingly. Cricket is played by over 200 million athletes around the world. The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup was watched by approximately 1.9 billion people and is proof that cricket is one of the world's most established and profitable sports.

The Indian Premier League (IPL), established in 2008, is growing rapidly daily. Professional cricketers are some of the wealthiest people on the planet. For example, Virat Kohli, the top cricket superstar and multiple winner of various competitions, has $92 million in his account.

Almost 70% of cricket bets are made after the start of the game, which means that its process is so gambling that it attracts even those who initially did not intend to make these bets at all.


Football is a legendary sport that leaves almost no one indifferent. Even people who are fond of theater, yoga, or chess, 90% have a favorite football team and root for it. Legendary bars are even named after football clubs. World-famous stars perform at the coolest football matches, and the most beautiful girls dream of marrying football players.

Now in the world, there are dozens of football leagues and several types of football. Fans see the meaning of their lives in the victory of their favorite team and follow it around the world. But you can still have a good time even if you're not a big fan. Just go to the Betbarter betting platform, choose the match you are interested in, bet on luck, and root for the team with all your heart!


The game, resembling modern tennis, appeared in ancient Greece and Rome. Then the ball was beaten off with hands or with sticks. Then, in the 12th and 13th centuries, this game was revived in Italy and slightly modified: the ball was beaten off with a mitten, a small wooden shield, or a leather belt. It was called at that time "jidoko". In the 14th century, tennis was further developed in France.

The birthplace of tennis in the form recognizable now can be considered England, where the Wimbledon tournament has been held since 1877. Now tennis is enthusiastically followed in different countries of the world. The longest match in the history of this sport lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes! And the richest tennis players in the world - Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic - won the hearts of millions, giving bettors a chance to win money.


This sport came to us from football, because at first it was played with a soccer ball. Physical education teacher James Naismith invented basketball to amuse his students during boring classes with gymnastic equipment. It happened in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The real basketball appeared only in 1929, and it was brown. And only after more than 20 years this ball became orange.

Now, this sport is incredibly popular. The richest basketball player in the world is Michael Jordan, a six-time NBA champion with the Chicago Bulls. So if you make the right basketball bet at Betbarter sportsbook, you can improve your financial situation too! So don't fall behind - analyze or take risks!


Volleyball is a one-of-a-kind ball game. After all, this is the only game in which the ball cannot touch the ground. Also, volleyball is a game where they play not for time but the result. Thanks to this rule, the duration of a match can be extended indefinitely. And fans of this sport who have made bets have the opportunity to get their first gray hair, waiting for how the match will end for their chosen team. But that's exactly what makes this sport attractive, giving many opportunities to bettors.


Esports is a rapidly growing gaming industry. In terms of popularity, it has long surpassed most classic sports, while it has existed for no more than thirty years!

Of course, eSports bets are available to Betbarter sportsbook users. Namely, for these types:

  • eCricket
  • eSoccer
  • eTennis
  • eFighting
  • Counter strike
  • League of Legends
  • Valorant
  • StarCraft

Keep up with the progress! Choose the most widespread sports, make assumptions about the outcome of the championship and become the winner. Esports is the industry of the future, meaning that every year the gaming community will only expand, and the matches will become more and more exciting.

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Betbarter Betting App

A mobile application is a vital thing for every business! Of course, the brand has a BetBarter app, which is multifunctional and very convenient. There, you can check the results of tournaments, the ability to bet on sports online, and much more.

The undeniable advantages of the Betbarter app:

  • Maintaining high-quality graphics
  • Adjusts automatically to any screen size of different device models
  • Allows you to place bets on pre-matches and in live mode
  • Opens the world of live casino with real dealers and quickly launches all slots from top providers
  • Allows you to communicate with Betbarter technical support even more conveniently
  • Gives access to all the bonuses of the gaming platform

Each service user can download and install the Betbarter app in a few minutes. Thanks to this, all players and bettors remain in the wake of ongoing events.

If you have previously bet on sports on the website, don't worry, all information from your profile will be transferred to the mobile application without any loss! You can watch important matches and bet from anywhere you are!