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Another entertainment for online entertainment fans, which tickles the nerves of those interested in it, is a betting exchange. Here is excitement and adrenaline and the whole range of thrills!

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Cricket and Sports Exchange

A betting exchange is a unique format when a player makes a bet not with a platform but with another player. How to choose a worthy opponent who is exciting and interesting to fight with but still possible to be beaten? The task is not easy, but it makes this process even more venturesome! And Betbarter sportsbook allows their bettors to compete with each other. And get a great adrenaline rush!

Exchange is radically different from other online bets in its mechanics and format. Here you don't have to take a bookmaker's fixed coefficients; each player can bet with the coefficients of their choice, as long as they are the same as the other participant. There is also a format where a player can make a reverse bet which means taking on the role of a bookmaker and bargain with players who see the outcome of the competition with a completely different result.

Do you want to know which sports are available? Of course, all users of Betbarter sportsbook can bet on cricket - this sport in India is considered nationwide! Other sports are also available.

You can try your luck here:

  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • E-soccer
  • Tennis
  • Kabbadi

These sports are constantly updated and supplemented, and Betbarter exchange service ensure their users have access to the maximum amount of their favorite sports entertainment.

Pros and Cons of Betting Exchange

Of course, the betting exchange format, like all other online entertainment formats, has its pros and cons. A betting exchange has one indisputable advantage. Players are not tied to fixed coefficients but can bet against each other; they have the opportunity to choose the sums and prices independently. So the game is completely up to you; you can test your intuition and apply your knowledge of the sport.

But this is also the biggest disadvantage of a betting exchange. When you play with a bookmaker, you can analyze their actions and draw certain conclusions. Here it is very easy to under- or overestimate your strength or encounter a powerful and experienced opponent, consequently losing a lot of money and not enjoying the process. Therefore, do not forget one crucial factor of an enjoyable game - never bet more money than you are ready to lose to your opponent.

Inplay Betting

Live betting is another betting format for the most daring. These bets can only be placed after the start of an event and before its end. According to statistics, this betting format is chosen for cricket the most often; more than half of bettors always prefer live bets.

The main advantage of this betting format is that you can evaluate everything that happens in the game, turn on your intuition and experience, and only then decide what kind of bets you want to make. Immersion in the game, personal assessment, and the ability to listen to your intuition in betting matter much more than research and statistics.

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What is betting exchange?

A betting exchange is a format for betting on sports and other events. Unlike a bookmaker, a betting exchange only provides a platform for betting between the players themselves.

How do I ask for my own odds in a betting exchange?

You can go to the betting exchange and offer any coefficients you see fit in the selected event. Now you have to wait to see how other players react to it. If no one responded to the coefficient, you proposed at the betting exchange, try to reduce it. Perhaps the players consider your offer unreasonable.

Are betting exchanges legal in India?

If a betting exchange is licensed, its activities in India are absolutely legal. It is worth noting that Betbarter sportsbook is licensed, so its activities are not prohibited by Indian law. Join, place your bets, enjoy the gameplay and fight with like-minded people!