Betbarter crash games every casino player must try

At the moment, crash games are one of the most popular components of the entertainment industry. Initially, it was the general availability and simplicity of these games that attracted the attention of a large number of online casino players.

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Crash games are often rich in vivid images and animations, reveal exciting themes and storylines, and offer many opportunities to win.

Betbarter online casino has the best collection of crash games so that regular users have a choice.

Game crash on the BetBarter portal:

  • Aviator by Spribe
  • JetX by Smartsoft Gaming
  • Spaceman by Pragmatic play
  • JetX3 by Smartsoft Gaming
  • CricketX Smartsoft Gaming
  • AstroBoomers Funfair Games

Notably, all crash games work according to the same algorithm, but they are pretty different.

As with all gambling, the goal is to make the most profit. There is only one way to win: choosing the right time to stop. Therefore, thinking clearly about the strategy and keeping yourself in good shape is better.

If you have not tried crash games yet and are only in search, then this text is for you.

Aviator by Spribe

This is the most popular game, and if you are interested in casino games, you have heard about it. We can confidently say that Aviator game by Spribe is the most famous among players throughout Asia. The game's popularity should not surprise you because its idea is straightforward. All gamblers, without exception, like the opportunity to catch luck by the tail.

After the plane takes off, it all depends on your intuition and luck. Do you want to win? 

Well, you have to take a chance and let the plane fly longer, and the winnings grow. Or do you need to be in the mood to take significant risks and win big money all the time but prefer to win back bets little by little? Then stop your flight in the first seconds, when the coefficients are minimal, but the risk of losing money also tends to zero. This strategy also works.

Live bets

Statistics of the game and other players are available in live mode

Live chat

It is possible to communicate with other players


The game is available even with a low connection speed

Double bets

You can place two bets on a flight at once

Operating system

Android, iOS, PC

Of course, if you are a beginner, you must listen very carefully to your intuition. Still, on the other hand, the game's rules are so simple that it will be easy to figure them out. Playing Aviator at BetBarter online casino is much easier than piloting a real plane.

Join the fans of this exciting game right now and win big amounts easily.

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JetX by Smartsoft Gaming 

This is another hit of this year, which is somewhat reminiscent of the Aviator. But if in the product from Spribe we see very simple graphics, then the JetX game takes us to the early 90s, when the world was going crazy with 8-bit games. Retro lovers, this game is for you.

JetX game features:

  • Live bets statistics
  • Double bets
  • Supported by all devices
  • Free demo mode
  • Auto collection of bets

As the plane gains altitude, the coefficients grow, and the mechanics are like in the Aviator. The only difference is that at the end of the round the plane does not fly out of the field, but explodes.

Nostalgic for the 90s? Then the exciting JetX crash game on the BetBarter portal is just for you.

Spaceman by Pragmatic Play

Crash games have already become mainstream in the world of gambling, and of course, such a giant as Pragmatic Play could not stay away from the trends.

On the game board in the Spaceman crash game, we see an astronaut who is waiting for the players to make bets. After that, the flight to the stars and planets begins. The game's mechanics does not differ from previous games, but the graphics are much better.

Also, in the Spaceman game, there is an additional Cashout 50% button, which allows you to withdraw half of the bet while the astronaut is flying. This feature makes it possible to split the bet into two, removing half of it and leaving the other part in the game. This very interesting feature allows you to form your own strategies.

Spaceman game features:

  • Cashout 50% botton
  • Min win 1,01x
  • Max win 4999.99x 
  • Live chat
  • Live statistics

This is a good crash game with nice graphics and exciting features. Well, those gamblers who are close to the topic of space should try the Spaceman game at BetBarter casino right now. Elon Musk, are you with us?

JetX3 by Smartsoft Gaming

Another space game from Smartsoft Gaming, which nevertheless has nothing to do with the previous version. Firstly, incredible graphics catch the eye in the JetX3 game, and secondly, not one ship, but three ships participate in the game, and these are far from all the unique features that can be found.

 The ships will start at the same time but will explode at different times. The loss of each ship affects the multiplier, and the unpredictability of explosions and odds adds excitement to the game.

JetX3 game multipliers:

  • The explosion of the first ship - the cancellation of ⅓ multiplier
  • The explosion of the second ship - the cancellation of ½ multiplier
  • The explosion of the third - the end of the game, zero rates

Another unique game feature is the ability to withdraw money by dividing the bet by three.

BetBarter casino users agree that the JetX3 crash game has one of the best visuals on the market, and one cannot but agree with this.

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CricketX by Smartsoft Gaming

This crash game at BetBarter casino is also from the provider Smartsoft Gaming. Still, it has nothing to do with flights and intergalactic spaces this time.

This reasonably new entertainment will plunge you headlong into the most beloved sport in India - cricket. Of course, the rules of cricket are not simple, but in the CricketX game, the opposite is true. You need to place a bet and watch the cricket ball that flies; with it, the betting odds grow.

CricketX game features:

  • CricketX Game Features
  • Double bet options
  • Live Chat
  • Live stats
  • Free Demo
  • Auto bets
  • Auto bet collection at the specified odds

It is worth noting that CricketX crash game is adapted to any screens of smartphones and tablets and also works with a weak Internet connection. Cricket lovers, this game is just for you. Play now and take your big money.

AstroBoomers by Funfair Games

Oh yes, this is another space-themed crash game! But do not rush to sigh in disappointment, because AstroBoomers game from Funfair Games provider is full of surprises.

Three brave astronauts are piloting a rocket under a meteor shower, and it's up to you to decide when each of them will leave the ship and take your winnings with them. Here the provider has provided the function of as many as three bets, which adds to the chances of winning.

AstroBoomers game features:

  • Up to 3 bets
  • Live statistics
  • Free Demo
  • REBET function
  • Auto bid collection
  • Min win 1,01x, max win 2500x

The REBET function is very convenient for this type of game because you do not need to place each of the 3 bets each time manually. So go to the moon with AstroBoomers crash game at BetBarter casino and grab space money.

Play Crash Games at BetBarter online casino

At the moment, only a few gaming portals offer crash games. However, BetBarter casino has the best collection for connoisseurs of this trendy entertainment.

Many users adore this type of game, and they can be understood. Simple rules, interesting gameplay, and the ability to develop your strategies are the very features that make crash games unique and different from others.

Join the trendsetters at BetBarter online casino and hit record jackpots.